European Neighbours' Day

Neighbours Day", held for the first time in Arad, was a great success. People from Arad were open at the proposal to organize this celebration in their city, as well. Thus, the celebration was held in all the neighbourhoods of the city, in 170 different locations, involving almost 4,000 inhabitants. The event was organized by Arad City Hall, supported by U.L.A.L.Arad (Arad Local Union of the Housing Associations) and the Janitors Professional Association. For the promotion of "Neighbours Day" were distributed wallpapers, posters, flyers, banners, were published announcements and articles in the local newspapers and at the local TV stations. At the same time, the event was promoted during the other public events organized by the City Hall. On this occasion, the participants received promotional articles, such as caps, T-shirts, balloons, flags and aprons with the logo of the event (the aprons were well received especially by the ladies). At any location, the participants improvised a small buffet or a barbecue, with hamburgers, cakes, sweets, fruits and soft drinks.

The Neighbours Day, organised on different locations: in front of the house or the block of flats, in the hall of the condominium, in the park, in the backyard, on the sidewalks, brought joy on the people s faces and the desire to come along to the world community in organising this pleasant event every year in Arad. In the afternoon of May 26th, 2009 the mayor of Arad together with the local counsellors and public servants of the City Hall of Arad visited a great part of the locations in which the citizens were celebrating the Neighbours Day. Information regarding the "Neighbours Day" in Arad can be found at the City Hall site on internet, at the address"


Neighbour's Day Report 2009,