European Neighbours' Day

The European Neighbor Day was successfully celebrated in Heraklion. On Sunday 02/06 over 40 residents of the neighborhoods of Vasilies area and Saint Vlassis, gathered in the picturesque square of the historic village, met, exchanged views and entertained until the wee hours.

The Cultural Association of Saint Vlassis provided attendees with all the comforts and necessary food and drinks, demonstrating the collegiality that pervades its members. The event was aimed at the development of social ties and strengthening the role of the "neighborhood".

The European Neighborhood Day under the auspices of the European Federation of Local Solidarity and cooperation of the European Council, is being organized for 13 years across Europe with millions of participants in at least 20 European countries. In Heraklion organized for the first time this year, under the Re-Crete-ation Project and received and support of the Cultural Association of Saint Vlassis.

The President of the Cultural Association Michael Kavvalos said  that he is excited with the innovative for Heraklion organization. He also mentioned how important it is for the wider region of Saint Vlassis this move, while renewed the appointments with everyone for the next year.

Finally Theodore Douloumpekis leader of the team event, thanked Constantine Ploumis, and Cultural Association of Saint Vlassis for the decisive contribution to the successful event, and also said that he is delighted by the way local inhabitants have embraced the concept of the “day”, while promised that the next year, always under the Re-Crete-ation Project, an effort to promote uniformity in Crete, will aim for the organization of the day in most neighborhoods of the island.

Neighbours' Day first edition in Heraklion,Crete (source ),

We had a wonderful neighbour's day spread over 2 days!! On Thursday 30th we had a socialising lunch party with local residents and friends and local people sharing stories and songs. We had the services of a local story teller Paddy O'Grady and two singers Ger Roche and Tara Gi who both sang and accompanied people in singing traditional airs, folk songs and Irish songs. This was a lovely warm and intimate event with a variety of foods, tea & coffee and cake for all!

Then on the friday we help an community preview of our History and Reminiscence project. This was attended by local people and residents as well as some of the older people and school students who had undertaken the project. We were then joined by the Minister of State Dinny McGinley, who is Minister for the Gaeltacht (Irish speaking areas). Later that evening the exhibition of Memory Boxes was opened to the general public and a great crowd attended. All were given a copy of the Euriopean Neighbour's Day leaflet so they were made aware of the project.

This event is fairly new to the Republic of Ireland and we are the only group (we know about) in Donegal taking part but the events we held were well attended and very friendly - which i think is the most important aspect of the project.


Paul Kernan, POBAIL CHEILE, Falcaragh, Ireland

La fête des voisins 2010 à Gateshead

Guide Together Week

Gateshead, 2010

Liverpool Neighbours Day

In Liverpool we are committed to making all of our neighbourhoods friendlier places where everyone feels they belong and where every person is welcomed, included and involved. To help us achieve this we are encouraging all citizens to become engaged with the European Neighbours Day project . Here in Liverpool we are celebrating with our neighbours during an entire week, from 24th-30th May 2009.

Latest news

  • Come and share some food with your neighbours from all over the City on Tuesday 26th May in Williamson Square from 11.00 when the army will be cooking lunch based on different European dishes. This is organised by Liverpool Central Business Improvement District. 

  • If you are in business in the City join with your colleagues at one of the special Neighbours Day events organised by the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and the Liverpool Commercial District Partnership. Morning Coffee on Tuesday 26th in the Chamber of the LCCI at 10.30am; Morning Coffee at Coffee Republic, Exchange Flags on Wednesday 27th at 10.30am or Afternoon Tea the same day at Brew, St Pauls Square at 4.00pm. 

  • If you live in Kensington you might want to go along to 212h Boaler Street on 26th from 11.00-300 and join in all the fun with your neighbours. The organiser is Venture Housing Association.

Gerry Proctor,
Whitehaven-Cumbria, 2008,
Liverpool , 2008

Our community development team prepared for the event over the last few months. An area was selected. A risk assessment produced. Publicity started going around our housing estates about 2 months before the event. We booked a stage, two bands, an arts tents and other children's activities. The event had 7 stewards and a first aid team. Other partners joined in with stalls including the police, fire service, local building contractors and other agencies providing services in our area. There were 3 internal organizing meetings as well as visits to several local community groups to enlist help from the local community.

Our event took place on Bigland Green, a protected green space in the heart of Shadwell. The event was centred around a stage. During the day on stage were a: country and western band; Bollywood Band; Traditional Bengali folk singers and dancers. In addition ther was an arts tent; various stalls from partners; Bouncy Castle; clows and children's face painters. The event ran from 12:00 noon to 4pm.

Simon Donovan, Tower Hamlets Community Housing, London 2007