European Neighbours' Day

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You wish to know more about the goal of the initiative and how to participate? Then these pages should answer your questions!
Organize a neighbours' party is very simple: you just need to decide it! On the Neighbours' Day everyone will contribute to the party, bringing some food or drink.
Talk to your neighbours and start prepare the party together. You can hold your event in a communal area of your flats, inside or outside, in someone's garden or in the street if you do not have other option. Put up posters and distribute to all your neighbours invitation cards. These can be downloaded from the website.
After the event, please do not forget to send us pictures and videos!


How to participate?


  • Why:

To bring conviviality, solidarity and friendship in your neighbourhood

  • How:

Organise a neighbours' party, everybody brings something along

  • Who:

Residents with their neighbours

  • Where:

outside in your street, in communal area of your flats, in your garden, in some nearby open space

  • When:

Friday, 31th May 2024

You represent a local association?
Join in the network of all participants and become the ambassadors of the Neighbours' Day.
We encourage you to inform all the members of your network. You can help them in the organization. Should you need any assistance, please contact us