European Neighbours' Day

Miasto Katowice zgłasza chęć udziału w Europejskim Dniu Sąsiada 2010r

Miasto Katowice, Katowice
Lodz 2008,

European Neighbours' Day gives the citizens of Lodz possibility of reviving and deepening local contacts between neighbours, of restauration of the idea of friendship and solidarity between the neighbours , as well as the formula of good neighbourhood.

The mayor of the city appointed working group responsible for organization of celebrations of European Neighbours' Day. This group was headed by the Deputy Mayor of the city. There were information meetings organized by the city administration, local self-government councils, administrations of properties and groups of neighbours.

About 150 people were involved in the preparartion of the event, and more than 4000 people gathered the day of the event.

Halina Rosiak, Deputy Mayor, Lodz