European Neighbours' Day

The main idea was to gather people of different age groups, social status, nationalities to a nice picnic form festival and concert of local collectives singing, dancing, different kinds of music, styles, etc. The event started at 3pm with a huge march-past to the place where the concert was planned, in the park in the centre of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. The concert itself started at 4pm and lasted till 7pm, when all the participants received special thanks from the team of organizers, while some especially active collectives received special thanks from the mayor of the city. Every participant was able to vote and elect the best local collective of dance, singing, etc. The winning one have received a CD palyer and special thanks symbolically.

Nijolè Giedraitienè, Lithuanian Volunteer Centre, Vilnius

I am very glad, that this year the city of Vilnius will join the large European community, which celebrates the European Neighbours‘ Day. In my opinion, it is an excellent opportunity to meet each other and shorten the distance between the neighbours. I hope this Day will help to solve the common problem existing in our communities – the lack of social trust and indifference

Arturas Zuokas, Mayor, Vilnius