European Neighbours' Day


The City of Dubrovnik  celebrated European Neighbour's Day for the very first time on May 27th last year.

This is an event that has been celebrated by cities all across Europe over many years. Its purpose is to form stronger ties between the people living in certain city districts, and to promote better living conditions throughout all areas of the city. European Neighbour's Day includes various activities, some of which involve helping the elderly and those with special social needs; creating better safety conditions for children, raising citizen awareness to environmental issues, improving traffic safety, and improving the visual appearance of certain neighbourhoods and areas.

In celebration of European Neighbour's Day, and with the aim of gathering constructive suggestions related to community public utility issues and furthering the development of districts, meetings will be organized in all city districts, which will be attended by the city authorities.

As it was a huge success in 2008, this year again, the city of Dubrovnic is going to celebrate European Neighbours' Day.

Biserka Simatovic, City of Dubrovnic