European Neighbours' Day

Upon the Agricola association's initiative, European Neighbours' Day "went aboard" a mobile Finnish library that travels across the countryside

"We had a wonder ful Neighbours' Day on the Turku Market Place. I think people got a bit more familiar with the idea of the European Neighbours' Day - at least hear in Turku. The local papers, television and radio were ther, of course.

The weather was marvellous - sunny 30 degrees - and juice and cofee knew their places. People were happy with Marionett Theatre - the Agricola piece was nice and funny - and the Mobile Libraries staying in the middle of the town."

Kalle Varila, Turku 2007


It was a great idea to have a European Neighbours Day! Our family lives on a countryside near city of Joensuu in Finland. We invited all our nearest neighbours to visit us on tuesday 27.5. In the evening we found 12 neighbours in our garden having a very nice time together! We have four members in our family, so there was 16 people eating, talking and playing summer games.

We found this good idea from a local newspaper Karjalan Heili, telling a story about a french young woman Angelina Azanza, studying at University of Joensuu.

All the best for You, lively in Europe!

Eija and Jukka Mujunen, Kulho, Finland 2006,