European Neighbours' Day

European Neighbours' Day 2009 in Riga

Short summary


This year for the second year The European Neighbours' Day was celebrated in all six districts of Riga City. In Vidzeme District, Kurzeme District, Latgale District and Central Districs the celebration took place in the evening of May 26th; the celebration in Northern District was on May 27th and in Zemgale District - on May 30th.

In every one of the celebration places there where representatives from the Foreign Affairs Office of the Riga City Council - we made a survey and asked some questions to the citizens to learn how they liked the celebration, how they have got the information about the event, what should be changed in future etc. The survey is now being summarized.

The celebration in every one of the six districts was as different as the districts differ from each other.  But all organizers made a great contribution and the citizens seemed happy and satisfied.

In comparison with the last year, this year we had much better media coverage and we also made posters which were placed in different places in the city. 

Riga 2009,
Riga City Council, Riga
Marika Barone, Riga City Council

In 2006 European Neighbours’ Day in Riga was celebrated for the first time in association with the festival of genskalna Street. What is the reason for this decision? In practise, it promotes social togetherness, creates solidarity among people and teaches to contact with neighbours regardless of their ethnic origin, language or colour of skin. As a capital, Riga is the place where discussions about social solidarity and tolerance are held most often. That is why the European neighbours’ Day in Riga will be celebrated on a larger scale in 2007 in four of the Riga’s housing estates. Hopefully this exciting project will become a strong tradition and it will expand outside the capital.

Baiba Camane, Riga