European Neighbours' Day


This website is published to the European Federation of Local Solidarity
E.F.L.S. who promotes and organizes the annual event « European
Neighbours' Day »

The European Federation of Local Solidarity E.F.L.S. is located 26 rue Saussier Leroy, 75017 Paris (France).
The E.F.LS. is non profit organization, represented by Mr Atanase PERIFAN, President.

SIRET N° 501 837 157 00012



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E.F.L.S. Texts as well as downloads are presented for information
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Photographs and videos on this site have been sourced from E.F.L.S
partners and/or individuals who participated in Neighbours’ Day
Should you have any issue with the use of any photograph and/or video, you may contact the organisation directly by mail, so that they shall remove them from the website.